About Us

Rural Africa Water Development Project (RAWDP) is a leading African non-profit environmental pro-poor organization that believes that extreme poverty can be eradicated in Africa only by breaking the traditional development model.


We partner with a coterie of public, private and community groups to create shared value for the voiceless, disadvantaged and underserved people in economically deprived rural areas using social marketing and context-specific innovative business models to deliver interventions in water, sanitation, nutrition, agriculture, climate change and environmental management. Together with our partners, we develop and test breakthrough concepts that actually have the potential to go to scale and make it easier for people in Africa to lead healthier lives.

Our Objectives

  1. Improve access to adequate clean water supplies, sanitation and hygiene
  2. Diffuse climate change adaptation and mitigation best practices/innovations
  3. Bolster food and nutrition security through climate smart agriculture ventures
  4. Enhance environmental management through advocacy, research and interventions

Our Vision

A world where human well-being is secured.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work as a center of expertise that builds relevant networks and collaborations for inclusive human well-being and development for all, particularly the underserved and disadvantaged.