World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world’s waterways. It highlights the many values of rivers and strives to increase public awareness and hopefully encourage the improved stewardship of rivers around the world. Rivers in every country face an array of threats, and only our active involvement will ensure their health in the years ahead.

In Nigeria, over a score of urban water agencies depend on rivers and other surface water bodies for their raw water intakes. Many rural communities also source their drinking and other productive water uses from local rivers. But many of these rivers are currently under threat from inadequate catchment management. For example, the persistent failure to regulate and take advantage of the work that healthy watersheds perform naturally is currently overwhelming the ability of public water agencies to mitigate catchment sourced contaminants at a fraction of the cost of conventional treatment and guaranty safe drinking water to water consumers.

World Rivers Day, set for September 24th (as always falling on the last Sunday in September), is less than a week away and will soon be here. Consequently, river advocates from around the globe are finalizing plans for this year’s World Rivers Day celebration, which has taken place annually since 2005.